What is Rayaan Writer Newsletter?

A place for people who love to read fiction and explanatory journalism.

As a writer, one of the biggest obstacles is making someone read my work. As far as I know, writers aren't tech-savvy. I hate spending time on social media to promote my articles and I'd rather use it to write.

And if you are a new fiction author, hoping to make a dent in the literary world, people take you for granted, assuming that you can conjure words of imagination with ease (and they also expect to read it for free!). Trust me, that is not the case. It takes hours and hours of staring at a blank page (or screen) with dread and finally write the words you want to say.

Recently, I came across "Substack" that allows writers to get in touch with readers in a more personal way through email. The platform has renewed my hope to connect with potential readers, apart from my own loyal circle (read family and friends).

So, I decided to give it a try. I consider this newsletter as an extension to my persona, albeit a digital one.

If Netflix can help us watch awesome shows every weekend, then why not a newsletter that makes you read cool short stories and interesting news every week? 😍📲

Subscribe to my newsletter to delight your mind with my world of fiction or read interesting articles on varied topics. I aim to clear the clutter in your head by explaining the latest breaking news. 🗞️🤯

My newsletter covers the following sections:

  • Flash Back: A roundup of previous week’s top news.

  • Page Flix: Short stories.

  • Click Smart: A compilation of interesting things across the internet.

  • Humans: Interviews with ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • Mind Slice: Personal essays.

To become a paid subscription soon!

I have read plenty of stories on how newsletters have helped writers connect with readers and have given a chance to earn money. I plan to include paid posts in my newsletter in the coming months and I can’t do this without your support.

I'd be grateful if you subscribe and share this with your family and friends. In this era of "Likes" and "Shares", a tiny digital shout out to your favorite content creator on social media will help them thrive. I hope to keep you entertained😊🤞🏽


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