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Here's my first short story thriller. You can read it for free!

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In this post, I am so excited to share my short story “The Capital”. I hope you enjoy reading it.

“The Capital” - a short story thriller

“I remember the first time we met. I remember the fear that gripped our hearts as we ran for our lives. I remember the voice of the woman who saved my life.”

Over 60 days since I last heard her say, 'Take care.' I wait for her call every day. I keep checking my phone, WhatsApp, emails, Facebook, and Instagram if I have missed her message. The government blocked the Internet following the riots that shook the national capital.

The pre-planned pogroms started with hate speech. And the timing was just perfect; the rioters attacked minorities when our country hosted the leader of a superpower western nation to sign trade deals. But instead, the leaders sold their arrogance as the capital bled amidst religious chants that thundered the night sky.

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