Issue-8: Back after a lonnnggg break!

Here's what I have been doing in the last 3 months. And what I plan to do in the coming days.

The last time I wrote my newsletter back in November 2020, I was without a job. Around June last year, I was relieved from my previous work - one among millions who lost their job owing to the coronavirus pandemic. And for the next five months, I was worried sick - wondering what the heck should I do next.

But I was lucky - blessed, to be honest - that I had an incredibly supportive family, relatives, and friends, who reminded me I still had the opportunity to take a break from the rat race and take it slow and easy.

After months of juggling as a freelance writer, I finally found a place to work as a sub-editor for The Hindu BusinessLine.

Phew, never did I imaging myself working for one of the largest newspapers in the country! It’s been two-three months since I joined here.

My work involves editing articles of reporters and also involve in page-making and layout of the paper’s daily edition. It’s been a grueling schedule and I still have loads to learn! Also, I got my first article published! Yayy!

It’s been pretty exciting to work here. I had decided to take a break from this newsletter as I wanted to focus more on my newfound job. But am back to kickstart this space😊.

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I have also updated my website with links to all my latest writings.

You can visit my site here.

A reminder of what you get if you subscribe to this email

  • The ultimate purpose of this newsletter is to focus on “explanatory and solutions-based journalism”.

  • It means I aim to explain pressing issues that are happening around us in easy-to-understand, short and digestible essays.

  • This pandemic made me realize the importance of online educational resources. Hence, as promised in my older post, I plan to curate a list of a compilation of resources; articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, PDFs, and files containing a holy grail of information on a range of subjects, that are available for free across the internet.

  • I aim to continue writing on varied topics before I figure out which topic I can completely focus on. I promise to learn, test, ideate, listen, write, get feedback, and repeat.

Here’s to hoping for more consistent posts! Much love and thanks!

This marks the end of today’s edition. See you soon! Stay safe, wear masks, wash your hands, and spread love. Feel free to forward this email to your family and friends. 😊❤️

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